About Sandra

Hi, I’m Sandra, the founder of SMCC and a certified Psychological Safety Practitioner with years of consulting experience in the corporate world and a passion for personal development and promoting mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Previously, I have been responsible for leading onsite and remote teams across Europe and Asia and successfully bringing projects to life for global cooperations in the automotive, insurance, and banking industries.

Now I combine my professional, academic, and personal experiences to coach professionals to be the best versions of themselves and excel in their current roles or their job search. I received my M.Sc. in Global Management & Governance from the Hamburg School of Business Administration.

In my spare time, you’ll find me engaged in a social debate, singing, or networking in a multicultural setting.

Why Work With SMCC?

At SMCC our mission is to create leaders and the workplace of the future now through “transformational” coaching. Drawing from a wide range of sciences and schools of thought, we work with individuals and teams to design cultures in which high performance and mental well-being co-exist.

SMCC is committed to delivering a learning experience that is designed to equip you with skills, tools, and a mindset that will serve you long after your training or coaching session.

What Others Say

Joshua Glen Lee

Creative Director

Sandra is an incredible career consultant that helped me better explain my unique work history and improve my CV through 1-on-1 meetings. As a Graphic designer and entrepreneur, the challenge I faced in re-entering the design field was bridging the gap between the businesses I started and my creative career path. Sandra helped me describe my skills and expertise in an understandable and intriguing way for companies, and hiring managers.

It was a wonderful experience working with her, I felt challenged and supported throughout the entire process.


Christine Mutasa

Compliance & AML Analyst

I was unsure as to whether I really wanted or needed to find a new job. I was stuck in my comfort zone. Working with Sandra completely changed my perspective and helped me break the glass ceiling I had developed in my own head. I had fun working with her. She’s a strong accountability partner and a wonderful cheerleader!

Not only did she guide me through the process of my new career step, but now that I have taken the step, she continues to check in with me to see if I am settling in well. She is very professional, takes extra time and care, and goes above and beyond. If you are thinking of or trying to take that next step in your career, you are certainly in the best hands with Sandra!

Juan Martin Mancheno

Project Analyst (Enablement & Strategy)

I started working with Sandra as soon as I finished my Bachelor’s Thesis. I did experience previous job interviews, however only after working with Sandra I realized the power of clear communication during job interviews. There is an answer to each question, and Sandra made sure I understood that. All experiences matter, and as she gave me the tools on how to land the job, she also provided me with an exhaustive eye to detail acquired from her personal experiences in multiple industries.

Thanks to our work together I felt more confident than ever; and at the same time this served me as a foundation for my further growth in the corporate world for conducting meetings with directness, clarity and passion. Altogether, her feedback, her instructions and her recommendations made me feel incredibly supported for my new life’s transition to the corporate world.

Everyone should get a Sandra! Especially as you begin your new work-life chapter.

What We Can Do For You

Career Coaching

  • Career Progression Plan
  • Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace
  • Communication & Conflict Management 

Corporate Services

  • Psychological Safety Training & Audit
  • Leadership Training/Mentoring
  • Employee Wellbeing Program                 

Job Search Path

  • Job Search Strategy
  • Resume & Cover Letter Coaching
  • Interview & Case Study Preparation



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