Application Documents: How to Write Your Way to Your Next Role

They say the first cut is the deepest and, more often than not, when it comes to making a career move, the first cut is done by our written words. Your application documents introduce you before you get the chance to speak/present yourself. It is these documents that will secure you that first call or a seat at the interview table.

Your documents introduce you before you get the chance to speak/present yourself.

Module 3: DOCUMENTS is about creating documents that effectively communicate your value to stakeholders in your career journey. Typically you will need to have a customized resume and a cover letter. When creating these application documents, attention is paid to the content, layout, and design. A clean layout and smart content structure will ensure a good, professional first impression.

Together these documents should:

  1. Introduce you and point out your soft and technical skills
  2. Mention relevant previous employment and tasks executed
  3. Highlight the results you achieved and quantify accomplishments

Remember, duties TELL and it’s accomplishments that SELL!

4. Reference your career goals and how they align with the prospective position

5. Explain/express your interest in the prospective employer and provide a call to action

Other supporting documents include but are not limited to your portfolio, certificates, client testimonials, and letters of recommendation from (previous) employers.

Here’s your (APPLICATION) DOCUMENTS Checklist:


  • Ensure your key competencies are visible at first glance and only include experiences and personal info that is relevant to the prospective job


  • Speak the language of the future employer – using vocabulary and keywords from the job ad/company website to describe previous roles and responsibilities


  • Highlight your accomplishments and where possible showcase them by attaching supporting documents (a portfolio, recommendation letters, awards)

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